Special Dentistry

Dental makeup for special occasions

Special Dentistry

Are you getting married or preparing for a wedding? The wedding event is among the most wonderful times in your life. There may be lots of points that require your interest. Apart from the outfit, the decoration as well as the food, there is something that everyone will look at on your memorable day: your smile. Your wedding photos will certainly be memories you preserve for a lifetime. Our cosmetic dentists are here at Dentists n Dontist giving you the best results to make your smile as sparkling as possible.

At Dentist & Dontist, the invisible aligners are sourced directly from the manufacturer - ClearPath. So, you get the lowest possible prices for your aligners treatment. Unlike other dental clinics who source the aligners from third party distributors, you do not need to worry about the pricing. Also, since the aligners are sourced directly from ClearPath, the quality of the clear aligners in guaranteed and is the best available in India. Due to multiple sources that sell invisible aligners technology, the cost of Invisible braces vary widely from one city to the other. The cost of Invisalible braces even vary hugely from one dental hospital to the other within the same city. To get the best price, the aligners are to be sourced from the manufacturer

If you wish to be in the list of the growing number of brides enhancing their dental look prior to their wedding, our dental professionals at Dentist n Dontist will provide you with our exclusive bridal packages and services which help you come up with a perfect picture for all those cherished events.

If any of your teeth are missing, the dental implant is among your perfect choice. If you have ample time, you could possibly have orthodontic procedure to fix the position of your teeth to get you prepared for this memorable occasion. If your teeth are cracked, broken, damaged or have small spaces ask our dentists regarding dental bonding which is appropriate for such cases.