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Invisible Aligners

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Crooked teeth or badly aligned teeth can now be fixed without months of showcasing unsightly metallic braces using the advanced invisible aligner technology. Invisible Braces could be the exact solution you are looking for. You need to forget everything you've heard regarding teeth alignment process as this proven technology lets you straighten your teeth without anyone even noticing that you are taking the treatment!

At Dentist & Dontist, the invisible aligners are sourced directly from the manufacturer. So, you get the lowest possible price for your aligners treatment. Unlike other dental clinics who source the aligners from third party distributors, you do not need to worry about the pricing. Also, since the aligners are sourced directly from the manufacturer, the quality of the clear aligners in guaranteed and is the best available in India.

Due to multiple sources that sell invisible aligners technology, the cost of Invisible aligners vary widely from one city to the other. The cost of Invisible aligners braces even vary hugely from one dental hospital to the other within the same city. To get the best price, the aligners are to be sourced from the manufacturer and it is taken care of at our dental clinic

Dr. Mani Pavitra B.D.S., M.D.S. (Orthodontics) is an experienced dentist specializing in Orthodontics. Orthodontics is a field of Dentistry focusing on correcting maligned teeth by using various techniques. Dr. Mani Pavitra's special interest is in Clear aligners / Invisible aligners technology which is the most advanced technique in Orthodontics. She has travelled extensively across the globe for training and hands-on for Invisible braces. In fact, she is one of the few dentists in India to be certified by some of the world's renowned vendors for invisible aligner technology. Teeth alignment correction is a complex process and hence a certified Orthodontist is the best person to deal with this procedure.

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First time in India - Invisible aligners in a single consultation !!!

Invisible aligners have to be changed every few weeks till the desired correction is seen. Due to this, the patient has to visit the dental clinic once in a few weeks just to take the new set of aligners. At Dentist & Dontist, the patient visits the clinic ONLY ONCE. The teeth impressions are taken and the complete set of aligners are given to the patient in advance. So, the patient will get the complete set of invisible aligners and does not need to travel to Hyderabad every month for changing aligners.

Invisible Aligner - Step 1:

Fix an appointment with Dr. Pavitra for consultation. Talk to her about all your queries about the procedure, duration, what to expect and cost. During the first appointment, our dentist can analyze your current teeth positions and have your teeth and bite evaluated. A series of photos of your smile are captured as well as an impression of your teeth is taken for further processing.

Invisible Aligner - Step 2:

The current impression of your teeth taken during the consultation is processed and computerized three dimensional Models of your teeth are made.

Invisible Aligner - Step 3:

The 3D model of your current teeth alignment is sent to the invisible brace suppliers , where some computer generated aligners are made to perfectly help create a series of gradual alignment changes to your teeth to give you perfect and straight smile. Our dentist will then have the complete set of Aligners couriered to your preferred address (For patients out of Hyderabad). Petients from Hyderabad can visit the clinic as per their preference.

Invisible aligner - Post treatment:

After the above mentioned teeth alignment process, one more impression of your straight teeth is taken. A minor orthodontic retainer will be given to wear day and night for the next six month period to maintain and retain permanently, the new position of your teeth. After the six month period, we recommend that you wear the retainers at night only to keep that beautiful smile permanently and exctly how it is.

If you have never visited Dentist & Dontist dental clinic and you are interested in knowing more information about straightening your teeth the stealth way, please do feel free to send an online enquiry or contact us at Dentist & Dontist Dental clinic on 9246555712 or Email manipavitra@gmail.com for a consultation to find out how we can be of help to your problem.
BY Mani Pavitra