Self Ligating braces

Traditional braces minus the ugly rubber band!

Self Ligating braces

Conventional braces use a rubber band to hold the wire used to bind the teeth together. Self ligating braces is a new technology for teeth braces that eleiminates the need of a rubber band to hold the wire. Instead, self ligating braces use a "clip" or a "door" to hold the wire, thereby increasing the aesthetics of the whole braces system.

Expert care from Award winning Orthodontist (Gold medallist)

Dr. Pavitra is a gold medallist and chief Ordthodontist at Dentist n Dontist. She is the first dentist in India to introduce many innovations in teeth straightening systems. Her passion for Orthodontics combined with her rich experience made her the preferred choice for many people across the globe for correcting their smile. Dentist n Dontist is one of the first dental hospitals in India to offer the world-class self ligating braces at low cost. Due to high volume of cases we treat, we can offer the best price in India, for sure.

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