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It's been one and half year since my dental treatment started and the experience with Dentist and Dontist is very satisfactory .Even though my case is a bit critical , you made it look very simple .The appointments were on time and there was very little waiting. I am satisfied with the outcome and looking forward to continue my association with Dentist and Dontist VINAY CHOWDARY KORA

I am Farzana Begum and I had a great experience with dentist and dentist. I get the information about this clinic through website. I was having space problem in my teeth and I was very much worried. Through website of Dentist and Dontist I met with Dr.Pavitra mam and she examined and ensured me that my space problem will be solved. Last year June 2014 she started my treatment and now my treatment completed. I am on the top of the world as I don't have space problem now. I am very much thankful to Dr.Pavitra mam.Farzana

The dentist recalled my fillings and asked about them. She cared about the procedure and how I was feeling. Everyone was so friendly and helpful. The office was very professional and they really took the time to make me feel comfortable and welcome. My dentist was by far the best dentist I have ever had. I will definitely be coming back here regularly and referring my friends. K.Girish

It has been a great experience Dr.ManiPavithra is awesome I am going with a cheerful smile. Thanks a lot. Kalyani

Hi, I am Indira .My treatment for invisible aligner is completed and I am satisfactory with the treatment Indira Mallik

Hi,I was choosing for a good orthodontist for my dental treatment since my teeth were little ahead and it was really making my smile odd. Due to this reason I was photo shy and would not laugh properly since I was always conscious of my teeth. Then finally I came to know about dentist and dentist and Dr.ManiPavithra. There I came to know the technology has been so advanced that we need not to use the traditional metal aligner and with no pain we can continue the treatment. I found this treatment reasonable with the service it has provided. I went through this treatment and with my surprise no one in my office could even notice that I have put a dental aligner. There is absolutely zero pain in this treatment and now I see there is huge difference in my smile. Now I am more confident when I smile and love to take pictures. Thanks to Dentist and Dontist which brought back confidence in me Thanks Indira Mallik

I had a very pleasant time for having my teeth align, for visiting a dentist was always no to me but in Dnetist-N-Dontist I never felt so, Thank you Dr. Pavitra and Dr. Neena for your patience and friendly humble treatment. Hopefully, I have only positive notes on completion of my treatment .Will visit you frequently Dr. Pavitra for general checkup. Braces removed has a very different experience, I got used to braces . Party time indeed! Thank you Dr. Pavitra and Dr. Neena! and also many thanks to sunita.Vinay Kasireddi

I Taslim Begum was having problem of space between my teeth, 6 months back I had my treatment with Doctor Mani Pavitra mam and I am very much satisfied.Taslim Begum

Extremely happy and satisfied with the results. It took Dr. Mani Pavitra(Dentist N Dontist) only a year and a half to repair my complicates set of teeth. I have known people who have struggled with braces for 3-4 years but for me it was just 18 months. It is almost like a miracle. I would definitely recommend Dentist N Dontist to all my friends. My sincere thanks to Dr. Mani pavitra &Dr. Neena and the entire Dentist N Dontoist staff for this wonderful journey. Now I can flaunt my teeth without any inhibitions. I am genuinely happy with the kind of treatment I was provided. With lots of love and Respect.M.Saugandhi

To start with I was a bit apprehensive about the whole treatment. The first aligner was a big musfit and I couldn't even talk. I had to use that set for 2 weeks before the replacement set arrived. But from second set onwards all the aligners were perfect. In between almost 3 sets did not have any impact due to which almost 2 months time was lost. Once that is corrected the procedure was faster. This procedure require lot of commitment from the patient without which the results will not be positive. Overall it has been a different experience with aligners and hopefully there will not be any relapse. Thanks for sitting up onto me and answering all my queries. Laxmi

So thank you for the wonderful care. Yes I know, I wasn't the easiest of patient with the continuous breaking of my retainers and brackets and what not but throught it everyone here has been nothing but supportive, caring and precise in this work. The clinic as such as always been kept in prime condition in terms of hygiene and the setup and color and brightness of it all never made it a pain to be here. So, all in all it was a great experience. The people here are extremely hospitable. Thanks for setting my teeth right. Karen Maria Goldwyn

I looked for many places to get my treatment done and i am really happy i came here. Dr. Pavitra and Dr Nina did an excellent job. I am satisfied and extreamely happy. Yhank you so much. Really appreciate your work. I would surely recommend my friends and family to visit "Dentist n Dontist" for orthodontic treatments.I love my smile now!!! Annie Christine

Now i have finally got that curved line that sets all things straight- a smile!!! Thanks to Dr.Mani Pavitra, a process that was horrid turned out to be as pleasant as possible. Thanks a lot doc....way to go! Amreen Fathima

Hi all, this is Pradeep, working with IBM as a consultant. It was a beautiful experience as i can see the change very clearly in just four months and i am just waiting to see myself fully transformed with a positive and confident smile in another six months. Thanks Dentist n Dontist Pradeep

I was lying down, waiting for the treatment to start & the pain to come, treatment started, i closed my eyes, hell scared, cos by default dental treatment implies pain, but the pain never came...
My doctor tells its done and iam left amazed. wow!!! it cannot get more excellent than this. Hats off to my doctor. she cures her patients with world best techniques, which are quick, pain free & her wonderful smiles, keeps our fears at bay. Priyanka

I had a very pleasant time for having my teeth align. For visiting a dentist was always no to me but in Dentist n Dontist i never felt so, Thank you Dr. Pavitra and Dr. Neena for your patience and friendly humble treatment.
Hopefully, i have only positive notes on completion of my treatment. Will visit you frequently Dr. Pavitra for general checkup. Braces removed has a very different experience, i got used to braces party time indeed! Thank you Dr. Pavitra and Dr. Neena ! and also many thanks to Sunita. Vinay Kasireddy

Hello everyone. I am Taslim Ansari, an IT professional working in Hyderabad for last 4 years. I would like to share one of the experience that really changed my life. As it is said, "Smile is the best makeup". Unfortunately I could never put that make up on my face reason being the uneven structure of my teeth which always got over my confidence. But things did change for me, thanks to the city of Hyderabad and specially to Dr. Mani Pavitra and her ever so caring team. Here is the full story that turned things for me:

My upper two teeth were over-bitten and there was this big gap between them which made things even worse. I had consulted well known dentists and surgeons in my hometown only to know that I would have to put metallic braces for at least one year, which really frustrated me. Finally I got to know about invisible braces and started to do some research on internet. Read some blogs of people who earlier had this kind of problem. Surprisingly there was this one name that everybody had recommended. It was of "Dr. Mani Pavitra", and to my sheer luck the location was Hyderabad only. Still skeptical about, I tried to dig even more and went through her interview on social media and believe me, the one thing that really struck me was her confidence. It gave me a confidence to consult her once. On the first day of my appointment, she did some preliminary examination of my teeth and the very first thing that she said was "Ho jaega. Very easy. it can be done in 10-12 weeks". After hearing this I was like...Wow! I was living in a world without smile for last 24 years and it could be fixed within 3 months...!!!

She showed me before/after pictures of her patients who had problems similar to mine and I was very much convinced with that. From that moment on, I knew that I don't have to worry about my teeth anymore as she is there to take care of my smile. She gave me two treatment options to choose from, INVISALIGN aligner and INMAN aligner. I opted for INMAN aligner as it is known to show results really fast. Dr. Neena, who is really very caring, took the first impressions of my teeth. On next appointment, the prototype of the final alignment my teeth were shown which was really amazing. I proceeded with the overall treatment. Throughout the treatment I felt very comfortable as the 'Dentist n Dontist' team took great care of me. All thanks to the entire team and special thanks to very friendly Sunita ji at reception who kept me updated about my appointments and the procedures to be followed. Under Dr. Mani Pavitra's continuous observation, after 4-5 month of usage of aligner I got the desired results. It took few weeks extra because of my carelessness (like I used to wear the aligner only for 16 hours/day and I skipped many appointments). But ultimately I am very happy and satisfied with the result. The most important thing is now I smile. I will always be grateful to you Dr. Mani Pavitra for the beautiful smile that you have put on my face. Hope you keep spreading smile to the entire world. You are doing a wonderful job.Thank you! Taslim