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Is Smoking an Addiction???

"The first step towards change is awareness. The second step is acceptance."

Well, when we first initiate smoking, we do light those first experimental cigarettes but after that smokers no more choose to smoke. Nicotine, contained in tobacco causes an abnormally large flow of certain chemicals that induce a sense of heightened wellbeing, followed by an abnormally light feeling. This causes craving which can be relieved only by repeated use of Tobacco

Does Will Power have a role in Quitting?

The answer is a big NO. You do not need any willpower because you are not losing anything by Quitting. If any smoker would have thought of quitting, the first thing which might prevent him from thinking more would be the Fear Factor. The fear of life without smoke, losing confidence, loss of concentration or just unable to withstand the stress in their life. It is just the addiction that is creating this fear factor but in reality there is absolutely nothing to lose. In fact, there are multi facets benefits such as Health, Social and Monetary.

Risks of Smoking



If I have already developed so many risk factors with smoking, would there be any good if I now quit as I have already harmed my body?

Yes, indeed it would be helpful. If you quit tobacco, your body detoxifies itself many of your body functions will get improved.

Third Hand Smoking

Third hand smoke is the residue from tobacco smoke that clings virtually on all surfaces, clothes and accessories such as belts, shoes, rings, chain, watch etc. long after a cigarette is smoked. Anyone entering the room or wherever the smoker goes after smoking other individuals come in contact and inhale the same. Third hand smoking leads to impotence in men. Children are the main victims of this third hand smoke. The study conducted by World Health organisation (WHO) on third hand cigarette smoke estimates that children ingest 0.25 mg/day of dust which may contain cigarette toxins. The toxins include neurotoxins, which affects nervous system and other compounds that can delay development of certain milestones in the babies.

Role of Counsellor in Quitting

According to statistics In India, 70% of smokers think of quitting. 76% of these smokers who think of quitting without any professional help, lose their motivation just within 7 days of cessation
97% of them relapses within 6 months. Overall, out of 100 smokers who think of quitting, without any professional help just 2 finally succeed.
Thus the role of professional help becomes very evident in quitting where a counsellor aids in breaking the tobacco addiction and continues the smoker to keep motivated for complete cessation.

Professional Help will improve your chances of quitting as without professional help only 1 person out of 100 quits

Dr. Surabhi Somani
Anti-smoking Counsellor

Dr.Surabhi Somani is an Anti-smoking Counsellor who aids people in quitting tobacco through customized plans and medication which helps user to have a tobacco free life. Her passion for counselling helps her in personalizing the quit experience.

Apart from being a Corporate counsellor, she is also a consultant at Tobacco Cessation Centre- MNJ institute of Oncology. This center was set up by World Health Organization (WHO) and the Ministry of Health of India for tobacco control in Hyderabad.

She holds a certificate on Global Tobacco Control from John Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health based at Baltimore US. She has her Master’s in Public Health from Indian Institute of Health Management & Research, post her B.D.S from S.D.M, RGUHS University.

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