Teeth Whitening

Confidence you can see..Braces you can't

Teeth Whitening

When your smile exposing your white as well as brilliant teeth, it improves your individuality as well as makes you feel even more positive, not to point out the compliments you get from pals as well as co-workers. You could right now repair your brilliant smile with the support of teeth whitening procedure by Dentist & Dontist Dental Clinic. Having Teeth whitening done by Cosmetic Dentists at Dentist & Dontist Dental Clinics is the best method amongst the cosmetic dentistry treatments to eliminate discoloration from Teeth and obtain that glittering smile. Tooth whitening is cost effective and proficient cosmetic dentistry procedure for everyone.

Teeth Whitening is a successful cosmetic dental care therapy that aids people with stained or tarnished teeth to repair their smile as well as lighten their teeth. Teeth will turn yellowish due to some reasons like increasing age of the person and some individuals handle a family tendency towards yellow teeth. But with the teeth whitening method you could feel relaxed once more with a gorgeous white smile. Stains are induced due to a number of reasons, such as aging, intake of discoloring solutions like (tea, coffee, smoking, and soft drinks), fluorides and specific medicines. Having your teeth lightened may cleanse the discolorations from the polish of your teeth, causing a white, brilliant smile.

Dentist & Dontist Dental Clinic utilizes the most advanced equipments and techniques existing in the market to enhance your smile. At Dentist & Dontist treatments are done by qualified and seasoned cosmetic dental expert, who provide the secure and efficient outcomes of teeth lightening which will definitely last for a number of years, and you may obtain a touch up when needed. The various kinds of teeth bleaching procedures available with Dentist & Dontist dental clinic are laser teeth whitening, bleaching trays, whitening strips as well as whitening tooth pastes. Regardless of the expense, many people are choosing this option over additional cheaper ones given that of its high quality and immediate bleaching outcomes.

Home practiced tooth whitening procedures can erase tooth enamel, yet the damages are often irrelevant. The people with professional teeth whitening treatment experienced very little decrease in tooth enamel demonstrating that damage from these strategies is imperceptible. Having a qualified bleaching treatment from Dentist & Dontist dental clinic suggests you'll acquire the guidance of a dental specialist on which treatment will be best for your stained teeth.

She is an expert in creating beautiful smiles her passion for dentistry has motivated her to explore new horizons. She combines art with science and gives the best and customized smiles to that particular patient. Her focus is completely on giving the best possible result to the patient in least possible time.

Dr. Mani Pavitra keeps herself updated with latest and best dental practices she travels all over the world to master new techniques and ensures that the most advanced dental treatments are available in her clinic.

She is the first dentist in Hyderabad to be trained in Invisible aligners also she is an advocate of accelerated osteogenic orthodontics. She is trained in 5 different Aligner techniques from all over the world. Invisible aligners in her clinic are available just in a day. Dr.Mani Pavitra has vast experience in the field of orthodontics & Dentofacial orthopedics. She has got Gold medal in her Masters for being the state topper.

Professional Qualifications:

She was the first doctor in Hyderabad to start Invisible aligner. She is a Invisalign Certified Doctor& clear aligner certified from Germany, also she is certified in 5 different aligner systems in the world. She is also the first doctor in India to be certified in accelerated osteogenic orthodontics from U.S.A where the total duration of braces wear( treatment time) is drastically reduced to 3-6 months.

She is an expert in "Mini implants" & her postdoctoral thesis was exclusively focused on Mini implants in orthodontics. Her current areas of interest is "TMJ" & "Sleep apnea" Dr.Mani Pavitra believes that it is not just the teeth which we are treating but also the soft tissue, entire dentofacial musculature & bone. Keeping all this in view she gives the best SMILE to all her patients.